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Production of animal feed

The main advantage of feed production is that the animals gain weight much faster, due to the certain origin of feed components and timely receipt of necessary nutrients. You adjust the composition of feed according to growth stage and needs. All granules have a homogeneous composition; animals are not able to choose more tasty ingredients for them. You will avoid a situation when strong individuals in the herd choose the tastiest and most nutritious food for themselves.
You can add vitamins, minerals and other growth stimulators to the feed mixture with a guarantee that the animals will eat them.

Production of pellet fuels

Fuel pellet is a 100% ecological product created as a result of compressing under high pressure of waste produced in the wood industry. Our equipment forms sawdust in granules of the same diameter, shape and density.
Why wood pellets?
When considering the options of heating a house or company with wood pellets, you should determine your priorities. These are the pros and cons – which we have to measure.
Location is usually the first determining factor. Where do you live or run your business? What heating fuels are available and at what price? Growing concerns about global climate change make many of us consider heating to be a non-renewable energy source. Commonly used energy sources are known for price fluctuations, while the price of wood granulates has remained stable for years.
Unlike fossil fuels, wood pellets are a renewable fuel. Due to their total combustion, they are efficient, cost-effective and non-polluting. Since they are also carbon-neutral, they can be called a clean and efficient fuel. Pellets help significantly reduce independence from common fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal. By switching to biofuels you will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change. Some agglomerations reduce wood combustion in conventional stoves and fireplaces due to smoke and carbon dioxide emissions. Which have a direct impact on local air quality (combustion is about 98.5%). Unlike wood or coal-fired stoves, pellet boilers use an inexpensive direct venting system similar to a gas-fired stove outlet opening.

In case of heating, one tone of wood pellets is equivalent of:


545 liters of fuel oil


lithium propane


m3 of natural gas


kWh of electric energy


m3 of dry wood

About us

Granulators, shredders, feeders, splitters and much, much more – we present you with a series of comprehensive solutions, which quality and durability will meet even the most demanding requirements.
We are a distributor of first-class, modern and fully automated solutions for the production of pellets and animal feed. The use of solid components translates into their efficiency and durability. We provide only reliable and tested equipment for which spare parts are available. We invite you to contact us and get acquainted with our detailed offer.

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